Week of 10/27 Homework


Monday, Oct 27
Due Tuesday: Main Idea, Details and Leveled Questions for Paragraph 3 & 4 of Encomienda System Handout.
Study for Thursday's test.
Review sheet for test on Thursday (Ch 2) is worth 5 points extra credit.

Tuesday, Oct 28
Study for Test on Thursday

603, 608 and 612

Monday, Oct 27
No homework. Mentally prepare for essay in class tomorrow: "What was life like for prehistoric man?"

Tuesday, Oct 28
608 - Write First draft of Body Paragraph for "What was life like for prehistoric humans?" essay

Thursday, Oct 30
Complete your final draft of the "What was life like for prehistoric humans?" essay.
Be sure to include your graphic organizer, first draft and final draft on Monday.

Introduction (2-4 sentences)
Body Paragraph (9-12 sentences) (Include 3 details from 3 documents)
Conclusion (2-4 sentences)

This is your rubric.


Monday, Oct 27
Write three Level 1 Questions about "New Tools and Technologies" from page 86 & 87 of textbook.

Tuesday, Oct 28
Create word maps for "Desert" and "Resource."