HW Tips

1. Read the readings carefully, look at the pictures and the comments in the margins. Be a conscious reader!!! And most importantly, do the readings! We won't discuss all of American History in class, but you will be held accountable for the key events discussed in class or that are in your textbook.

2. Write down the key terms, vocabulary, key people and key events in your notebook. If you read about them, then write them down, you'll remember them! This is NOT handed in, this is to make studying easier!

3. The section review homework or writing prompts that are assigned must be submitted on looseleaf. Looseleaf is not sheets torn out of a notebook. I will not give credit for homework submitted that is not on looseleaf. Don't type it, write it.

The top of the page should look similar to this:

October 12, 1994 Kevin Scott 609
Homework  4                                 Mr. Hartmann