Week of 10/20 Homework


Monday 10/20
In textbook, read pages 52 and 53.
Answer question 1 from page 57 on loose-leaf.
Expect a quiz on Tuesday on Chap 2 Sec 2 & 3, today's classwork and Levels of Questioning.

Tuesday 10/21
Complete the worksheet on French and English settlements in North America.
What I Learned: Main Idea of passages with two details
What I Want to Know: Three Leveled Questions

Wednesday 10/22
Complete the Peter Stuyvesant Worksheet -- be prepared to discuss the Peter Stuyvesant and Tuesday's homework in class on Thursday.

Thursday 10/23
Read pages 58 – 61.
Answer all parts to question 1 and 2, on page 61, in complete sentences on loose-leaf with a full heading including.

603, 608 & 612

Monday 10/20
Answer question 7 from page 95 on loose-leaf.
There will be a test Friday on Chapter 4, Identifying Main Idea & Details, Levels of Questioning
608: T-Chart from Page 86 "clothing and shelter" and "New tools and technology" sections

Wednesday 10/22
Study for Chapter 4 Test on Friday


Monday 10/20
On loose-leaf:
What is pre-history? How do we know about pre-history?
What are tools used by early humans made of? Why did early humans use tools?

Wednesday 10/22
Study for Test Thursday.