Ukulele Club

Ukulele Club will begin on Jan 2, 2013. It is limited to first ten students who hand in the permission slip. Mr. Hartmann will order ukuleles in bulk for the group of students. It will cost $40 for the soprano ukulele. Cash is preferable. After this initial cost, the student will be able to keep the ukulele for the rest of the year.

Each class session will have three segments: 
1. music theory and song structure
2. learning individual notes on the ukulele
3. learning a song (Contemporary Pop, Country, R&B, American Songbook)

Students will need a 1 inch binder for the class to keep notes, lesson information and charts.

Ukulele Club begins Jan 2, 2013
Cost: $40 for ukulele, set of strings, carrying case for ukulele.
Lessons Wednesday Afternoons 2:30 – 4:00
The club is limited to ten students.