Seventh Grade Summer Homework

Class of 2014 and family,

Your homework this summer is to seriously think about what high school you wish to attend. Visit schools, look at their webpages, talk to people who you know who have attended these schools. Catholic high schools are very expensive and great public high schools are very competitive.

Do not apply to a school you are 100% sure you do not want to attend. If you apply, it may be your only offer. This is especially the case for public high schools. 

If you list  Franklin K. Lane High School, Townsend Harris High School, Benjamin Cardozo High School and Bayside High School in that order, you are more likely to get into Lane. Once you are matched, the program stops.

Also, if your average is 80, it is not likely that you will get a seat at Townsend Harris, that school has very high standards (Second Honors or above).

There is lots of information about high school testing and preparation at here.

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to email me using the information on the right of this page.

Mr. Hartmann