Grade 8 Mini-Test

Mr. Hartmann                                       Name: __________________
Progressive Era Test                             Due November 20, 2012

In class we have read muckraking literature of Upton Sinclair and we have watched muckraking documentary of Morgan Spurlock. Both of these muckrakers wrote about the Food Services industry.

DUE on WEDNESDAY  Nov 22, 2012

I want you to write a TWO paragraph paper on a topic you think should be exposed for doing damage to the public at large.

For example:
Mr. Hartmann thinks that internet usage is a problem. This is a problem because public libraries are being underused and losing funds, reading skills are being affected and lastly spelling is being changed by internet abbreviations.
He would research by comparing the grades of students who use the internet more than 2 hours a day to students who use the internet less than 2 hours a day. He would also research this by contacting the Brooklyn Public Library to ask what they think the major causes of  declining library use.